P2010 P Twenty-Ten

The future is now

4 seats, 3 passenger doors. 1 baggage door. Lycoming 180/215 hp engine.Carbon  fibre fuselage. Metal wings, landing gear and stabilator. Balanced controls. Unsurpassed stability. The P2010 is where performance and comfort meet in one sexy IFR package.

Quick facts

Max Range


With this range you can use it cross-country (IO-360)

Max Cruise Speed

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270 km/h (IO-390)



Four Seats

Usefull load





One large baggage door


The Tecnam P Twenty-Ten brings together an advanced technology all carbon fibre fuselage with a metal wing to deliver a superlative single engined, 4 seat aeroplane, designed by Italy’s most innovative Aerospace design ‘guru’ Professor Luigi Pascale.

Carbon fibre ensures smooth surfaces and allows for an elegance and styling you would expect from Tecnam’s Italian design team. Metal is used for the wing and stabilator to provide further strength and stability. The wing is based on the well-proven NACA63A aerofoil.

Through partial tapering, the design brings it close to the optimal lift distribution (elliptical). The all movable type (stabilator) horizontal tail, a trade mark of all Tecnam aeroplanes, allows for excellent controllability and ‘hands off’ longitudinal stability.


Tecnam has always put the comfort for both pilots and passengers first.

This four-seater aeroplane brings together an advanced technology all carbon fibre fuselage with a metal wing and stabilator,  an expansive cabin featuring ergonomic front and rear seats with exceptional legroom and a separate third entry door.

The wide composite cabin allows for a large instrument panel with latest avionic options: the next generation twin-screen Garmin G1000 Nxi IFR, new Flat-Panel Suite with integrated GFC700 autopilot.

Powerplant & Propeller

The P Twenty-Ten MkII is available with the 180 HP Lycoming IO-360 and has a high fuel capacity (240lt, 63.4 imp. gal). Of course, carbon fibre equals a lighter and therefore more fuel efficient and most economical aeroplane.

You have also the option for Lycoming’s IO-390-C3B6 engine. The Lycoming IO390-C3B6 enables the P Twenty-Ten to climb at 1,100 ft/m and cruise on 75% power at 146 kts.

The IO-390-C3B6 provides 215 hp @ 2,700 rpm, coupled with a variable-pitch propeller

The selection of the Lycoming IO390-C3B6 to power this next-generarion four-seater, was primarily as a result of its capability to burn alternative fuels other than 100LL.

The approval of this major design change by FAA set an important milestone on Tecnam’s “green transition” as the first worldwide General Aviation aircraft manufacturer able to obtain such a wide, flexible and non-single-brand related choice, as well as the first manufacturer capable of obtaining approval for use of automotive fuel on IO-360 Lycoming engine.


IO-360-M1A 180 hp

Power: 180 HP@2700 RPM

Fuel: Unleaded Aviation Fuels: UL91 or higher per ASTM D7547 or Automotive Fuels: 93 AKI or equivalent per ASTM D4814. Please refer to Lycoming Engines SI 1070 for a complete listing of approved fuels.

IO-390-C3B6 215 hp

Power: 215 HP@2700 RPM

Fuel: UL100 or 100LL

P2010 180 hp

Also Includes the following equipment:
Lycoming IO360 180 HP Engine
2 Bladed Fixed Propeller

P2010 215 hp

Non-Additive. Also Includes the following equipment:
Lycoming IO390 215 HP Engine
3 Bladed VP Propeller


Export certificate requirements may require additional equipment or a different equipment list.


G1000 Nxi Integrated Flight Deck System, includes:

• GDU 1050 1O-inches PFD
• GDU 1050 1O-inches MFD
• Dual GEA 71 Engine & Airframe unit
• Dual GIA 63WAAS Com/nav/GPS/GS/Loc
• GMA1347 Digital audio system
• GMU44 Magnetometer
• GDC72 Air data computer
• GRS79 AHrS
• GTX345R Mode S Transponder (ADS-B In and OUT)

Non additive, replaces standard avionics. Export certification requirements may require additional equipment and charges. Options also pictured.

Paint Options

More colors? Click here


Standard Interior comes with blue seats and ivory cabin. Electric lift of the seats is Standard.

Premium option makes your aircraft more precious: Alcantara leather and a dark ceiling improve your flying experience with unique ingredients. Your aircraft interior is now more exclusive with electrically adjustable comfort front seats while guaranteeing absolute compliance with the industry’s strictest standards.

We in Tecnam always strive for excellence and we want your aircraft to be more precious than ever. The italian flair is not only external, but now also at your finger tips, because we have spent a great deal of time to improve every detail of the interior. A completely new designed interior with a choice of leather seat colours, new dark material for the ceiling and the sidewalls, dimmable LED lights, USB chargers put your aircraft at the top level of comfort. It is your aeroplane, your lifestyle and you deserve the best.

A) Leather anthracite gray

B) Medium gray

A) Leather anthracite light gray

B) Anthracite gray

Photos as example. Options subject to change without notice. Always consult the Aircraft Configuration list.

Standard Equipment

Garmin G1000  Nxi

G1000 Nxi Integrated Flight Deck System, includes:
GDU 1050 1O-inches PFD
GDU 1050 1O-inches MFD
Dual GEA 71 Engine & Airframe unit
Dual GIA 63WAAS Com/nav/GPS/GS/Loc
GMA1347 Digital audio system
GMU44 Magnetometer
GDC72 Air data computer
GTX345R Mode S Transponder (ADS-B In and OUT)

Flight instruments and indicators

Magnetic Compass
MD 302 Standby Attitude Module
Pitot System Heated
Static System
Alternate Static Source
Stall Warning Audible
Stabilator Trim Position Indicator
Rudder Trim Position Indicator

Flight controls

Hydraulic Toe Brakes
Parking Brake
Electrical Flaps
Dual Flight Controls
Castering Nose Wheel
Aileron  Lock and Elevator Lock
Flight Trim Controls
– Rudder with Indicator
– Stabilator with Indicator
Engine Controls:
– Throttle
– Mixture
– Alternate Air
– Fuel Control Selector with LH/RH/OFF

Electrical system

Alternator, 28 Volt, 60 Amp
Battery, 24 Volt 8.0 AH
Rocker Switches:
– Master Switch
– Fuel Pump
– Landing Light
– Taxi Light
– Navigation Lights
– Strobe Light
External Power Supply Receptacle
Circuit Breaker Panel
Static Discharge Wicks
Landing/Taxi Light LED


Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats Leather
– Adjustable Fore and Aft
– Vertical Adjustment
Two Rear Passenger Seats Leather
Seat Belts & Shoulder Harness, All Seats
Wall To Wall Carpeting
Hand Held Fire Extinguisher
Map & Storage Pockets
Radio Call Plate
Tow Bar
Luggage Compartments
Overhead Cockpit Speaker
Four Position Intercom System
First Aid Kit

Powerplant and Propeller

Lycoming IO-360-M1A Engine 180 HP @ 2700 RPM
Fuel Injection System
Tubular Steel Engine Mount
Dynafocal Rear Mount
Engine Driven Vacuum Pump
Alternate Engine Air
Oil Cooler
Shock Mounted Cowling
Throttle Control
Mixture Control
Dual Ignition System, Shielded Magneto Engine Exhaust Muffer
Fixed Pitch 2 Blade MT Propeller
Propeller Spinner
Electric Starter

Fuel system

Two Integral Fuel Tanks With 240 Litres (64 UsGal) Total Capacity
Engine Driven Fuel Pump
Auxiliary Fuel Pump, Electric
Fuel Tank Quick Drain
Fuel Selector Valve, Left//Right/Off


Epoxy Corrosion Proo ng, All Structure
LH/RH Front Door Pilot/Co-Pilot, Lock and Key
Rh Rear Door Passenger
Rh Baggage Door With Lock
Rear Window
All Lateral Windows Tinted
Fixed Landing Gear
White Polyurethane Exterior Paint
Tie Down Rings
Main Wheels, 6.00 X 6
Nose Wheel, 5.00 X 5

Exteriors lights

Nav. Lights LED with Strobe Aveo Full LED TSO
Landing/Taxi Light LED

Cabin comfort system

Windshield Defroster
Ventilator adjustable, 4 Place
Heating System
Cabin Monoxide Detection System

Product Support/Documents

Manufacturer’s Full Two Year Limited Warranty
Pilot’s Operation Handbook
Maintenance Manual
Parts Catalog
Aircraft Log Book
Engine Log Book

Standard Avionics Package

also includes:
Altitude Encoder
Avionics Master Switch
Mic & Phone Jacks Pilot/Copilot/Passengers
Hand Held Microphone
Avionics Circuit Breaker Panel
Pilot And Co-Pilot PTT
ELT 406
DME KING KN63 – Displayed on PFD
• Marker Beacon Antenna
• Transponder Antenna
• VHF Antenna
• NAV Antenna
• Emergency Locator Transmitter Antenna

Optional Equipment






Autopilot GFC700 Garmin – Fully integrated two-axis



ADF RA3502  Becker remote unit



TAS GTS 800 Garmin  with Dual GA58



Interior Premium Edition: leather electrically adjustable seats (front), Matte Grey interior finishing, chrome metallic badge



Special Paint two colours



MT 2 Blade VP Propeller (Exchange for Standard Fixed Pitch Propeller – only IO-360)



MT 3Blade VP Propeller MTV-12-B/183-59b (Exchange for Standard Fixed Pitch Propeller – only IO-360)


Fuselage Cover


Aircraft Dimensions

Fuselage Height 2,64 mt – 8.66 ft
Fuselage Length 7,97 mt – 26.15 ft
Wingspan 10,3 mt – 33.79 ft
Cabin Height (seat to cover) 0,91 mt – 3 ft
Cabin Width 1,14 mt – 3.74 ft
Max Seating capacity 4
Fuel tank capacity 2 x 120 lt – 2 x 31.70 US Gal


Engine Manufacturer Lycoming IO 360 M1A 180hp / IO-390-C3B6 215 hp
Engine Power 180 hp/ 215 hp
Time Before Overhaul 2000 hrs
Propeller Two Bladed Fixed Pitch/Variable Pitch Three Bladed Variable Pitch
Fuel Consumption 39 lt/h – 10.3 US Gal/h
Fuel Type Mogas and Avgas

Design Weight & Loading

Maximum Take Off Weight 1160 kg – 2557 lb
Empty Weight, Standard 740 kg – 1631 lb
Useful Load 420 kg – 925 lb
Baggage allowance 40 kg – 88 lb


IO-360 180 HP with Variable Pitch Propeller

Max Cruise Speed (KTAS) 137 kts – 254 km/h
Stall Speed (Flaps Down Power Off) KCAS 52 kts – 96 km/h
Practical ceiling 12000 ft -3658 mt
Take off run 1102 ft – 336 mt
Take off distance 1952 ft – 595 mt
Landing Run 778 ft – 237 mt
Landing Distance 1709 ft – 521 mt
Rate of climb 841 ft/min – 4.3 m/sec
Range 600 NM – 1111 km
Flight Rule VFR Day/VFR Night/IFR